HOA Management Services

We take our primary direction from the Board and our daily functions includes:

  • Responsibility for  day to day business affairs for your Community Associations.
  • Monitoring normal repairs and maintenance of the common areas.
  • Attending to unit owners concerns and questions.
  • Addressing the financial and administrative aspects of the Association.

In addition to performing regular management tasks, we provide our Board Members with practical advice and effective assistance on several levels.  For instance, the attorneys and accountants with whom we regularly correspond, are fully qualified to address matters relating to Illinois not-for-profit corporations and in particular, Condominium and Town Home Associations.  Additionally, we have the knowledge, experience and back ground to recommend and/or qualify contractors/vendors in the following fields:

  • Common area maintenance and repairs
  • Insurance - Liability, D & O, Fidelity bonds, Workers Compensation, etc.
  • Landscaping, Snow Plowing and Removal
  • Pond and Aerator maintenance, Sprinkler systems, Plumbing and Electrical repairs
  • Siding, Roofing and Gutter maintenance, repairs and replacements
  • Heating, Air Conditioning, Swimming Pool and Fountain maintenance
  • Tuck pointing, Fireplace/Chimney maintenance, Painting, Caulking, Wood replacement, etc.
  • Driveway repair, Seal Coating and replacement (Asphalt and Concrete)
  • On Site Maintenance Employees (interviewing, hiring, monitoring) 

In regards to the above, and with respect to delegating Management duties, the benefits to the Board are often considerable.  Specific day-to-day responsibilities are assigned to management, providing time for the Board to prepare for and address the future needs of the Association and the Membership.
Our management skills and standard procedures regarding Association transitions are as follows:

  • Special attention to details of finance, administration, maintenance, current contracts, etc.
  • Experience and understanding of the regular/normal business cycle for Community Associations.
  • Adherence to a prudent “transition plan”, providing an orderly conversion of records and duties.
  • Aiding the Board with its responsibilities to the Corporation/Association and to the Members.
  • Assisting the Members in understanding the Associations’ and Management role in their lives.

It has been our experience that, when properly followed, these initial steps prove to be beneficial, today and in the future, to the Board of Directors and the entire Membership.  Successful results will lead to productive, efficient and professional property management.

When the Officers of other Associations voted to secure the services of Alliance Property Management, in similar transitions, we fulfilled an integral role in the collecting and documenting of their Members’ records, corporate legal documents, administrative data, plus financial and banking information.

We reviewed current contracts for content and conditions (landscaping, snow removal, insurance, sprinkler systems, pool maintenance, etc.) and, where appropriate, advised the Board of our recommendations.

Although, there were times when certain records were not in complete order, and several matters required special attention by our office, all regular services and business affairs were maintained during the transition and the Membership was regularly updated and informed of our progress.
Sound management advice, comprehensive accounting knowledge and a wide array of trade and business skills are some of the key ingredients with which we begin the process of documenting the Associations’ physical, administrative and financial history.  Alliance is fully prepared and qualified to assist in the endeavor, under the direction of the Officers and on behalf of the Board and the Association.

The overall duty and business philosophy of Alliance Property Management is to take direction from the Board and to aid the Officers of the Association in conforming to their Fiduciary Responsibilities.  This necessarily includes a clear and concise understanding of the Governing Documents (Declaration and By Laws) as well as enforcement of properly established and publicized Rules and Regulations.

In  accepting our roles as stewards and caretakers for the Association and the Membership, the Board and Alliance Property Management mutually agree to:

  • Protect and preserve the interests and investments of each Member.
  • Properly maintain the property and the common physical elements.
  • Abide by and adhere to the Governing Documents.
  • Endeavor to build the trust, confidence and respect of your Membership.

Toward these goals, our combined talents and efforts can result in compatible community living and responsible Community Association Management.


Mr. Chris Skourlis, President
Alliance Property Management, Ltd.


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